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Automated trading ebook

My automated trading entries

Here are all my entries opened on the DAX Index by my trader bots since 2019.

My bots only follow the market trend and close all entries at the market closing.

Total automated trading entries on the DAX index

The track record of my trading systems

This is the track record of my automated trading systems since 2019 on the DAX Index.

My system is made up of several trading bots designed through Prorealtime.

I designed automatic trend-following trading systems. They only operate the low-volatile bull market.

Track record of automated trading system by artificall

Develop your automated trading system

I created this template to help you to develop your automated trading system with Prorealtime. All that you need to make a robust trader bot is included in the package. The automated trading Proreatime template is now available in my online shop.

Automatic investment backtesting

For some time, I am working on a robo-advisor project geared towards long-term investment. I made the proof of concept on the Prorealtime platform and turned the source code into Python language. I launched the first draft version of my robo-advisor on the New York Stock Exchange, and I obtained promising results. I continue to develop this automatic investment system to make it more efficient.

Today, I backtested three different strategies on more than 25000 stocks and ETF:

  1. an automated investment system that buys each month the first or the fifteenth day of the month.
  2. a momentum strategy that opens a long entry only if the trend is bullish.
  3. a non-directional trading system that opens long entries only if the market behavior is not abnormal.

You can check the first results on the following stock exchanges places :

Available market places

Market placesLink
New York Stock Exchange
Nyse Arca
Toronto Stock Exchange
Euronext Paris
London Stock Exchange
Optionsmäklarna Stock Exchange
Swiss Exchange
Singapore Exchange
Australian Securities Exchange
Hong Kong Exchanges

You can search and find a stock or an ETF using our market search engine:

If you have some interest in this automatic investment system, you can leave your email address on this page. I will notify you when the system will be completed:

Vivien Schmitt

I created to share my knowledge and my experiences in automated trading using Prorealtime.

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