Vivien Schmitt

Hi, my name is Vivien Schmitt and I am an algorithmic trader. I created Artificall in purpose to help everybody want to learn automatic trading. I will give you all my knowledge and my experience in automatic trading.

My professional experience

I went to “Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers” which is a computing engineer school in Paris. I worked three years in the bank and financial sector as Software Developer. After that, I worked in the telecommunication sector as production launch leader.

I realized that I shall never be happy to work in a big (too big) company. So, I decided to spend all my time to learning automated trading system development. Cause there appears to be much potential to make money.

When I started out automatic trading

I did not where to start, where could I get help. I therefore chose to begin by market screener programming. After, I transformed the screener into an automated trading system. In the beginning, I relatively quickly make money cause I had the chance to launch my first trader bot in a favorable market. But beyond that, market conditions deteriorated, I lost the greater part of my earnings. I realized that my automated trading system was over-fitted.

After that, I understood that the automated trading system building was more complicated than I thought. There were certainly some concepts than I must extend and deepen. I immediately sat myself knowledge targets, management rules and money management.

Today, I achieve my goals. I have a good command of the automatic trading conception development and backtest processes.

How much I won at the beginning ?

My first trader bot gave me 80€ by month with a start-up capital of some thousand euros. These earnings were very erratic and after a while, this bot won almost nothing.

Therefore, I decided to become the best automatic trader and to do the automatic trading my second job. After a very hard work, weeks after weeks, months after months, I reached an automated trading system that is more stable, more regular and more profitable.

Now I am an automated trading system designer on my own account. My specialty is the day trading on DAX30. I earn an average of 0.5% of my capital by week.

How to earn regular money like me ?

If you trust me, I can help you with your automated trading learning. You will obtain the same result as me. However, there is a secret known by all serious traders : if you want make money thanks to manual trading as well as automatic trading, you must work very hard. Not only that, the more important is also perseverance. It always ends in success. I will help, you to pass each step until your financial independence.

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