Automated trading using Prorealtime – 2nd Edition

Ebook Prorealtime
  • Get the theoretical basis needed to design a robust trading algorithm
  • Build a complete trader bot step by step
  • Learn how to reduce the risk of over-fitting

Dax AutoTrader: Benefit from the market without effort!

DAX Auto Trader Prorealtime BUY or RENT
  • Benefit from the market without spending hours in front of your screens
  • Definitively eliminates psychological bais
  • Generates regular profits, most of the quarters have a positive return

ProrealChart, The Essential Chartist Screener Suite

Prorealtime Double Bottom Screener
  • Find the best chartist patterns within seconds
  • All the time frames are compatible
  • Installation is quick and simple

Create your trading system easily for the Prorealtime platform

Automated trading template Prorealtime
  • Develop a robust and profitable automated trading system
  • Test trading strategies in only two clicks
  • Reduce risks and improve your chances of winning

Do you need to code a trading strategy, an indicator, or a screener?

ProRealTime Programming Service automated trading
  • Trading strategy programming
  • Backtest optimization
  • Individual support
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