Take advantage of a bullish trend without spending your life in front of your screens

You will benefit from market opportunities within only three minutes of installation. You only have to download the trading system on your Prorealtime platform. There is nothing you need to do. You will make regular profits while enjoying life to the full!

  • You will benefit from the market without spending hours in front of your screens.
  • Our trading system definitively eliminates psychological biases.
  • Our strategy generates regular profits, and most of the quarters have a positive return.



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How will Nasdaq Auto Trader help you?

You spend much time finding a strategy without reaching expected results

Finding a trading strategy is long and complex. That needs to spend hundred hours of research and years of experience.

  • Our trading system will help you benefit from the market without spending hours in front of your screens.
  • Our strategy was done over several years of experience, and you can benefit from it in two clicks.


You are an excellent technical analyst, but your emotions make you doubt, and you don’t apply your trading plan

Dealing with emotions and stress is difficult because we are all human beings. Sometimes, fear and greed take control of our ability to decide. Nothing is more frustrating than not opening an entry because of hesitation and seeing the market going to the moon without you.

  • Our trading system definitively eliminates psychological biases. It systematically operates the market and makes decisions from concrete statistical data.
  • Our trading system will not change one’s mind along the way:
    • If the position reaches its target, it will take the profits.
    • If the market goes in the wrong direction, it will cut losses.


You explored many trading strategies, but the expected gains are not here

The learning of trading is a lengthy and expensive exercise. One alone mistake can reduce your capital and your hopes of enrichment.

  • Our strategy generates regular profits, and most of the quarters have a positive return.
  • It has been created to reproduce the underlying price, avoiding the too bearish periods of the market.
  • You will profit from the bullish market bias while limiting your exposition to significant decreases.


You want to keep control of your money while profiting from the market

To be permanently invested in the market often gives good results, but that deprives you of the possibility to use your capital as you wish.

  • Our trading system reduces the time in the market in an optimal way. The time in the market of our strategy is only 15%!
  • All the opened entries are automatically closed at the end of the day.
  • Your cash will be available each evening at the market closing. Thus, you can use your money depending on your needs.


You already have tested automated trading solutions, and you have noted risk management issues

Some unscrupulous trader bots providers overfit their trading systems to show exceptional performances. This method is simple: they lower the stop loss position to eliminate mostly losing entries. That artificially increases the success rate of their strategies and leaves the impression that the process is perfect. These trading systems will take an enormous loss and destroy your capital when the market falls.

  • Our trading strategy is secured. The expected gains are more significant than the losses, increasing the chance of winning from a long-term perspective.
  • Our trader bot is set to not operate during a market crash or when the volatility is too high.
  • It will not open any entry while too dangerous market phases. Your capital will stay safe during financial crises.


Quarterly return of our trader bot

Here is the quarterly return of our automated trading solution applied on the Nasdaq since 2018:

Nasdaq Auto Trader performance


Runup and Drawdown of our strategy

Our trading strategy has been designed to stay safe in any situation. You can see on the following chart the drown down regarding the runup:



What are your expected gains?

The following table shows our trading system’s gains on Nasdaq from 2018 to 2022. The profit depends on the value of a point:

Value of a point Gains
0.5€ 1990€
1€ 3980€
2€ 7960€
3€ 11940€
4€ 15920€
5€ 19900€
10€ 39800€
25€ 99500€


What do our customers think about us?

Many of my customers have already expressed congratulations on my work. Maintaining a high satisfaction level for my users is essential to me:

Artificall customer review_2


Included items in the Package

The Nasdaq Autotrader package includes the indicator providing the buying signal and the source code of the trading system:

Trading system NASDAQ.AUTOTRADER.10M.v1.itf
Documentation Nasdaq_Auto_Trader_Documentation.pdf


< The source code of the trading system is open. You can access, edit, copy, and duplicate the source code. >


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