Create easily an automated trading system for the Prorealtime platform

This template contains all functionalities that you need to create a robust automated trading system.

You just have to put your strategy into the template and optimize some variables as the stop-loss and the target. This template is specially created to make a day-trader bot on the main index as DAX30, NASDAQ, CAC40, OMX, etc.

A complete document is joint to help you to use the code source.


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Functionalities included in the template


1. Market calendar

Never miss to not open an entry while a market holiday thanks to the implementation of a market calendar.


2. Time specifications

Open an entry only when the market is open and close at the market closing thanks to time conditions. Avoid the risk with the wintertime and the summertime decalage between Europe and the USA.


3. Control of the number of opened entries in a day

Improve your money management by defining the maximum number of entries by day.


4. Configuration of the stop-loss, the target

The risk of the system is limited thanks to stop-loss and target.


5. Profit securing algorithm

The template implements a smart algorithm that will secure the latent profit to protect you against a fall of the market.


6. Trend following

The template is capable to recognize the trend of the market and will never open an entry in a bear market.


7. High volatility protection

If the market volatility is too high, the template will not open a position. This feature protects you against false signals and slippage risks.


8. Build a position

The whole system is configured to allow you to build a position on several candles. This particularity gives you the possibility to obtain a better price and to smooth the price of your global position. Besides, your final position will have several stop-loss and target prices. That decreases the risk of stop hunting.


9. Rounded price algorithm

The template knows the next hundred and the next fifty prices. If your position has sufficient latent profit, the system will begin to secure your gain when the price will touch a rounded price.


10. Re-reset of all the variables

After each important treatment, the system reinitializes all the variables to avoid unexpected behaviors.


11. Emergency stop of the system

You have the choice to activate the emergency stop of the system if certain conditions are complied with. For example, you can stop the system if your strategy loses too much money or if the volatility of the market is extremely high.