Range Breakout Indicator for Prorealtime

Range Breakout Indicator Prorealtime

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The Range Breaker will help you seize the best trading opportunities! It detects range breakouts, which are often followed by explosive movements. Thanks to this indicator, you will never miss a breakout again.

See your savings grow

  • You will grow your capital by opening entries at the best time.

Increase your success rate

  • The breakout signals will increase the success rate of your trading.

Preserve your capital

  • You will preserve your capital thanks to the best targets and stop loss positions.

Available Brokers

The Range Breaker indicator works on all versions of the Prorealtime platform. You can install the indicator on every broker providing the Prorealtime platform.

You can use the Range Breaker indicator with these three brokers:

Available assets and timeframes

The range breaker indicator can be used for all assets, such as stocks, ETFs, forex pairs, and future or CFD contracts.
The range breakout detections work with any time units. You can use the indicator to open day trading or swing trading positions.


The indicator’s installation and configuration are very simple. You can activate bullish or bearish breakouts, define the range’s length, filter the validated breakouts, check the volume increase, and select the target and stoploss levels.

Here is the setting panel of the Range Breaker indicator:

Range Breaker settings panel

Day trading

The range Breaker indicator will help you to open day trading positions. It provides buying and selling breakout signals. It also displays the target and stop loss prices on the chart. Here is an example of signals on the Nadaq index in the 15-minute time unit:

Range Breakout indicator day trading

Swing trading

The Range Breaker indicator is perfectly available for swing trading. It gives efficient breakout buying and selling signals. You can determine the stop loss level and set the number of targets. Here is an example of a buying signal on the Nvidia stock in the 4-hour timeframe:

Range breakour indicator Prorealtime swing trading

Trading alert

The Prorealtime platform provides an alert system. You can turn the Range Breaker indicator into a signal system with two clicks. The Prorealtime platform will notify you each time a breakout happens. You will never miss a breakout again:

Prorealtime trading alert

Backtest & Automated trading

You can integrate the Range Breaker indicator in a backtest or use it in an automated trading system. The new version of the indicator returns all the data you need to create a strategy. I will provide you the code for a backtest implementing the Range Breaker. That will help you to backtest your strategy before taking positions on your real account. 

Here is a backtest example of a breakout strategy run on the Dow Jones index in the 15-minute timeframe:

Range Breakout backtest Prorealtime


I provide complete documentation in English and French explaining how to install, configure, and use the Range Breaker indicator on the Prorealtime platform.

Download the indicator for Free!

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